Locks & Keys

Re-Keying & Upgrades

Changing your lock is a common security practice that just simply makes sense!  When you move into a new home it is always important to change the locks because you don't know who may have a set of keys that are usable on the current locks.  If you are just unhappy with the security level of your locks and wish to upgrade, we are here to help!

It's time to change the locks

Lock Repair & Replacement

Locks contain a series of moving parts. Unfortunately, after time these parts can wear out and even possibly break. We will send out one of our experienced locksmiths to analyze your locks and determine if repairing your lock is the best option.  If a lock is beyond repair we can offer professional recommendations on which lock will be correct for you.


Better safe than sorry!

Keyless Locks

Keyless locks are incredibly convenient and eliminate the hassle of having to remember your keys.  In most models, when your door is shut, it is locked. Having your home be constantly secure will establish a level of comfort that a traditional lock could not accomplish. You can even have a remote to unlock your door so there won't be a hassle if your hands are full!

Never worry about forgetting your keys again!

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