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Commercial Door Installation

Your door is the first thing that all of your customers see before they enter your business.  Make sure your first impression is a good one! We understand how important it is to have secure doorways while still holding a strong aesthetic impact.

Professional Quality & Installation

Exit Devices & Alarms

Imagine that there is a security guard by every door of your business all night and you never have to worry about the safety of your business. Comforting isn't it? Brass Lock & Key will be sure to help you prevent theft, control traffic flow, and maintain your businesses' integrity.


Protect your passageways!

With a door closer installed by Brass Lock & Key we will adjust the swing speed, latch speed, and back check to fit your needs. Door closers are a great addition to your entrance ways that can really spruce up your doors!

Door Closers

Don't worry about leaving the door open!

  Automatic Doors

  Wood Doors & Frames

  Glass Doors

  A.D.A. Door Operators

  Steel Doors & Frames

  And Much More!

  Office Suite Doors

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