Construction Services

Plan The Proper Way

For new construction or even remodeling, with Brass Lock & Key as your build partners you are sure to save money with a hassle free installation. We will consult you on safe and efficient builds and layouts that will surely leave you happy!  Whether you are a small business or an expanding corporation, we're your answer for a smooth, professional, and secure process.


We will review your build plan with you and make any necessary recommendations. Then, we will review all of the necessary equipment requirements to make sure they are all met.  We will monitor the flow of materials during the process and ensure that the contractors and build are working accordingly.

With Brass Lock & Key

Secure & Professional

Brass Lock & Key will notify you of shipment and delivery confirmations, as well as handle all hardware and software installations.  After all of the required tests and evaluations are taken care of, we will train your staff to be familiar with the installed system.

Handling the process the proper way

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